5 Upgrades that Add the Most Value to Your Home

If you're hoping to sell your home in the next few years, you would be smart to start thinking about renovations that add value now. Renovating your home right before selling can be stressful and time-consuming. Make a list of things that need to be upgraded or updated in your home in the next few years and set aside a budget to make the necessary changes. If you're wondering where to focus your efforts and your wallet; listen up. We've got 5 upgrades that add the most value to your home.

Add a modern touch to the kitchen

If your kitchen still looks like it belongs in the 80's, renovation dollars would do a lot of good in the kitchen. Homebuyers are very interested in the kitchen and they want kitchens that look modern and up-to-date. Start by replacing dated appliances with newer ones. You should also evaluate your cabinets and decide if they need to be replaced or if a little paint and some new hardware can give them the facelift they need. Finally, consider adding extra features, such as a backsplash, disposal, water filtration system, kitchen island, or upgraded countertops will make your kitchen space feel more luxurious.


Small bathroom update

Bathrooms are another space that will wow potential homebuyers. One great way to add some value to your home is to modernize small bathrooms. It won't be terribly expensive but the results are fantastic. Remove dated wallpaper and give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Update the dated hardware and make sure the vanity is modernized or replaced.

Make good on maintenance

It might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but putting your money into maintenance items will go a long way when you sell your home. No potential home buyer will even look at a house with a poor roof, old water heater, or water damage. If your home has any issue, you would be smart to get it fixed now. And if you aren't sure if something in your home needs attention, get it inspected. An inspector will find any issues that a would-be homeowner would learn about anyway, so it's good to take care of problems now.


Tackle the landscaping

Landscaping has a huge return on investment--homeowners can earn back up four times what they spent on landscaping and yard maintenance. If your yard is a little lackluster, take some time to prune and shape bushes and trees, pull weeds and add flowers, and make sure the grass is well-kept.

Focus on flooring

If you want to truly impress a homebuyer, you might want to look at the floor. Does your carpet look worn-out? Are your hardwoods dull or scratched? If your floors look poor, you will want to replace or refinish them. Adding some fresh flooring to your house can do a lot for first impressions. Engineered hardwoods, cork flooring, tile, or stain-resistant carpet are all a good way to go if you need to replace your floors. Also, a pop of pattern or style in a small space, like the bathroom, can be very visually engaging.


There are thousands of ways to upgrade your home and every single one can help prepare your home for resale. If you're trying to decide where your money would be best spent on renovations, give your attention first to basic maintenance and then to areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Make sure your landscaping is on point and your floors are gleaming. Once you're ready to list your house, please give Lucido Agency a call. We can get your house sold quickly and for top dollar. There's a reason we're the #1 Keller Williams team in the world. Come find out what it's all about.


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